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Kappa Carrageenan

Fujian Global Ocean Biotechnology Agar Oligose possess some special biological activities, such as anti-oxidation,anti-inflammation, anti-virus and prevention of colitis,etc. Product is extracted and processed by scientific processing technology, the quality is fully conforms to national and EU standard.

Fujian Global Ocean Biotechnology Agar Oligose is the type of oligose with degree of polymerization (DP) of 2~12 after hydrolysis, which has low viscosity, high solubility, high freezing point and high activity.

--Yogurt, milk and other dairy products

--Fruit juice and other solid drinks

-- Ice cream products

--Cheese or other cheese products

--Bread and other baking products

--Skin care products, cleaning products

--Dental elastic mould, etc.

--Capsule and other medical products

--Ointment base materials

--Feed products

--Cod liver oil emulsifier

Product Use

Technical Data Sheet

Gel Strength(g/cm2)                              20~200


PH                                                               5~7


Degree of polymerization(DP)               2~20


Viscosity(mpa.s)                                      5~15


Turbidity(NTU)                                        ≤35


Whiteness(%)                                          ≥45


Dissolve Temperature(℃)                   ≥70


Ash(%)                                                 ≤5.0


Moisture(%)                                         ≤12