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Epigenetic oligosaccharides

Agar, named as agar-agar, is one kind of polysaccharide from gracilaria and other red algae. Due to its special gel forming and healthy characteristics, it has been widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, daily chemical and biological industries.

On the basis of normal agar, Fujian Global Ocean Biotechnology Co,.Ltd produces the low temperature instant soluble agar with scientific technology. It has the characteristics of better solubility in low temperature and faster solubility speed, it can be totally dissolved around 55℃ in ten minutes. Also it possess some special characteristics with good thickening, gel forming, suspension, taste improvement and dietary fiber supplement.

--Yogurt, milk and other dairy products

--Fruit juice and other solid drinks

--Jelly pudding products

--Kastar sauce products

--Canned products