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About Us

Enterprise Introduction

Fujian Global Ocean Biotechnology Co.,Ltd (Stock Name: Global Ocean; Stock Code:838114) founded in 2010, is a Sino-foreign sci-tech JV company specially engaging in R&D,production and sales of algae hydrophilic colloid. Company now has registered capital is 68.88 million RMB, and more than 150 employees. The new factory located in Zhao’an Jindu Ocean Biology Medicine High-tech Industrial Park, cover 100 acres of the area, owns the biggest agar-agar and carrageenan factory directly faced the International markets in Fujian Province. The annual production ability of agar-agar and carrageenan can up to 3000tons in total.

Global Ocean as the Fujian research base of Chinese Academy of Sciences, owns professional R&D institute and teams, and has extensive and deep cooperation and exchanges with large scientific research institutions and colleges both at home and abroad in the meantime which providing powerful technical base for company production.


By adopting the top-grade marine algae, using processing technology, improved extraction technology, Global Ocean produces agar-agar and K-Carrageenan products, which can be widely used in types of product field like soft jelly, jelly gum, meat product glue, granule beverage stabilizer, ice cream stabilizer.,etc. Company routine fine production, complete through the ISO9001 system certification and meet EU standard, well sold throughout Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and South Asian regions.,etc.

R&D Base


Fujian Health-Care Food Co., Ltd was established on January 16, 2017 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujian Global Ocean Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The company currently has a production plant of 1,288 square meters. It has a number of professional technicians with intermediate titles and above, and has received technical support from China Ocean University, Quanzhou Green Low Carbon Researcher and other research institutes. It has 3 core technologies of its own intellectual property rights and has a proprietary trademark of “good quality and taste”.


The company's main purpose and development strategy is based on the parent company's technology and product advantages, using a variety of natural ingredients such as seaweed as raw materials, the production of solid beverages and nutritious algae food and other products.


The company currently has a diversified food product line, and has successfully developed and produced a series of products such as slimming fruit and vegetable algae drink series, brown sugar algae drink series, rock sugar algae drink series. Slimming fruit and vegetable algae drink series includes slimming fruit and vegetable algae drink (strawberry flavor), slimming fruit and vegetable algae drink (red pitaya flavor), slimming fruit and vegetable algae drink (red date flavor), slimming fruit and vegetable algae drink (purple sweet potato flavor); brown sugar algae drink series include brown sugar and red algae drink, brown sugar and ginger algae drink; rock sugar algae drink including rock sugar and red algae drink, rock sugar and chrysanthemum algae drink, rock sugar and burdock rook algae drink, rock sugar and roselle algae drink, rock sugar and ginseng algae drink and so on.