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Kappa Carrageenan

Fujian Global Ocean kappa carrageenan is mainly prepared from red algae - Eucheuma, from ɑ(1-3)-D-galactose-4-sulfate and β(1-4)3,6-dehydration-D half Partial sulfate group composition of lactose. The product has been scientifically processed and the quality of the product is in full compliance with Chinese national and EU standards.

Fujian Global Ocean kappa carrageenan has better thickening ,emulsfying characteristics, elasticity and water-retaining property. Even being boiled under neutral and alkaline condition, it won't be hydrolyzied.So carrageenan is widely used in food, medicinal and chemical industry.

--Kappa Refined Carrageenan ( food /medicinal grade)

--Kappa Semi-refined Carrageenan ( food /medicinal grade)

Carrageenan Usage:

--Jelly,pudding,soft candy and other snacks

--Ice cream and pastry

--Bacon,sausage,hot dog and other meat products

--Capsule such medicinal chemicals

--Detergent such daily chemical products

Product Use

Technical Data Sheet

Arsenic(mg/kg)                                           ≤3


Total plate count(CFU/g)                       ≤5000


Salmonella(25g)                                     不得检出


Lead(mg/kg)                                               ≤5


Acid insoluble matter                                 ≤15


Total ash                                                     15~40


Appearance                                                White Powder

Mercury(mg/kg)                                        ≤1


E. coli(CFU/g)                                        <3


gel strength(g/cm2)                              450~1800


PH                                                              8~11


Acid insoluble ash                                     ≤1


Viscosity/mPa.s                                         ≥5


Sulfate( count as SO42-)/%                       15~40